Heavy Duty Finned Sign Foot

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The heavy-duty finned sign foot grips stock from 3/16” to 1/4” thick. Downward titled fins on the inside of the sign foot create an extra-secure grip on signs, A wide base with either permanent or removable peel-and-stick foam tape keeps signs from tipping.

Sold in 3", 6", and 49" lengths. The 3" and 49" are available with removable adhesive.

  • The heavy duty finned sign foot is 1.6" wide x 1 3/8" tall.
  • Available in 3”, 6” and 49” lengths.
  • Manufactured in clear PVC.
  • Available with permanent or removable white foam tape on the bottom of the base.
  • Support signs in corrugated stocks, coroplast, gator, and foam boards.
  • A slight flare at top makes it easier to insert stock.
  • Sold in packages of 10.


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