Deko Spring Wobbler

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These deko springs attract attention to small signs with a bobbing and wiggling motion. Adhesive mounting bases are positioned on either side of a spring — attach one side to your sign and the other to any smooth surface.Mounts signs to displays, counters, cash registers, slot machines and many other surfaces. The light spring adds more motion than the standard.

  • Deko springs are 1-1/4” long with a 3/4” diameter mounting base.
  • Light springs add more mothion than the standard deko spring.
  • Supplied with permanent foam tape with peel-and-stick liners on both bases.
  • Supplied with white bases and white foam tape. Black bases are available as a custom order.
  • Mounts securely to both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • The deko spring’s motion attracts attention to your sign
  • Sold in bags of 100.


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