Suction Cup with Nylon Secure Tack

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These suction cups are sold with a nylon secure tack. The tack pierces sign stock, or passes through drilled or punched holes, then grips the corresponding hole in the suction cup’s stem.  The tack's barbed end creates an extra-secure grip in the suction cup’s stem hole.

We also carry replacement nylon secure tacks.

  • Small suction cups are 7/8” diameter and have a 0.37” diameter x 0.26” high top stem.
  • Medium suction cups are 1-7/8” diameter and have a 0.46” diameter x 0.32” high top stem.
  • Tacks have a 0.15” diameter shaft and 0.675” diameter head.
  • Suction cups are made from UV resistant PVC.
  • The barbed-end tack is made from nylon.
  • Suction cups and tacks are sold in sets of 100 each.
  • Attach the suction cup to a smooth, hard surface and hang small signs using the nylon secure tack.


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