Suction Cup with Clear Plastic Screw

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This medium-sized suction cup has a 1/8” stem hole (larger than in our our standard suction cups). This larger hole accommodates a 1/4” long binding screw.

The screw passes through drilled or punched holes in sign, then grips the hole in the suction cup’s stem, holding your sign in place. Screws can be pushed into the suction cup with finger pressure. No tools are required.

  • Suction cups have a 1-7/8” diameter base and a 0.46” diameter x 0.32” high top stem with a 0.16” hole in the end.
  • Screws have a 0.019” diameter shaft, 0.25” screw shaft length, and 0.53” diameter unslotted head.
  • The suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC.
  • The screw is made from extra clear resin.
  • Attach to smooth, hard surfaces and hang signs using the clear resin screw.
  • Suction cups and screws are sold in sets of 100.


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