Suction Cup with 1/4" Hole

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These medium-sized suction cups have a 1/4" hole in the stem that can accommodate a variety of inserts, such as dowels and split-tubes for holding small signs, and screws that can be used to affix a wide variety of signs and danglers.

Note: Inserts are not included. The product photos are meant to show display options only.

  • These suction cups have a 1-7/8” diameter base.
  • Suction cups have a 0.46” diameter x 0.32” high top stem with a 0.24” hole in the end.
  • Suction cup is made from UV resistant PVC.
  • Attach the suction cup to a smooth, hard surface and combine with a 1/4" diameter insert to hold your signs.
  • Suction cups are sold in packages of 100.


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