Clear Plastic Tack with Foam Tape

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This tack, which is sold coupled with several styles of our suction cups, has been modified by the addition of a peel-and-stick adhesive button. The tack will work in any of our suction cups that has a 0.116” hole in the stem. Insert the tack and remove the adhesive button’s liner to attach small and medium-sized signs.

Note: Tacks are sold with many of our more popular suction cups. Thses tacks are intended as replacements for lost or damaged tacks as well as converting plain suction cups to use a tack.

  • 0.15” diameter tack shaft and 0.675” diameter tack head.
  • Tacks are made from UV resistant PVC.
  • Tacks are furnished with a 0.675” diameter peel-and-stick button of permanent foam tape.
  • Use this tack to affix signs to suction cups having a 0.116” hole in the stem.
  • Tacks are sold in packages of 100.


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