TSL-2700 27" School Laminator

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This economical single-speed roll laminator is reliable and easy to use, making it ideal for schools. It laminates up to 3 mil film and mounts any material up to ¼" thick.

The heated rollers produce for crystal-clear lamination and are easy to clean. Setup is simple with pushbuttons for each film thickness. One lever is all that you need to move to change from lamination to mounting. Now you can laminate and mount anything from small photos and signs to large banners and posters.

  • 2 heated rollers for best results with all materials.
  • The maximum laminating width is 27”.
  • Laminates with 1.5mil and 3mil film.
  • Laminating speed (fixed) is 6 ft./min.
  • Pre-set buttons for 1.5mil & 3mil film.
  • Mounts up to ¼” boards.
  • Reverse button to help clear jams.
  • Adjustable film tension control.

Max. Laminate Thickness: 3 mil Mills
Max. Laminate Width: 27" inches
Heat Source: 2 Heated Rollers
Max. Laminating Speed: 6 ft/min feet/minute
Slitters: No
Core Size(s): 1"
Temp. Control: Fixed
Laminate/Mount Thickness: 1/4"
Speed Control: Fixed
Reverse Switch: Auto
Warranty: 1 Year
Power: 120 V, 60 Hz, 1600 W
Size: 13" H x 34" W x 14" D
Shipping Weight: 115 Pounds Pounds


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