12" x 200' 5 Mil Low Melt Laminating Roll Film

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Extra bond (EXB) laminating film is a premium grade polyester film with a proprietary adhesive. If standard laminating films will not bond to your prints, EXB film could be the solution.

It will adhere to large areas of toner and other materials where conventional laminates will fail. It melts at a lower temperature, so there is less chance of heat damage to sensitive originals.

The Details:

  • Rolls are adhesive side in.
  • 1” core.
  • Clear gloss.
  • Applications: Digital prints from Xerox (Docutech and Docucolor), Nexpress, Xeikon, and similar printers.
  • Other names include Super Stick and DryLam SAP.
  • 12" x 200'
  • Rolls are adhesive side in
  • 1” Core
  • Clear gloss


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