27" x 200' 5 Mil Low Melt Laminating Roll Film

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Extra bond (EXB) laminating film is a premium grade polyester film with a proprietary adhesive. It will bond to digital prints where standard high-melt films will not.

EXB is compatible with most heat shoe or heated roller laminators. It melts at a lower temperature, so there is less chance of heat damage to sensitive originals.

The Details:

  • Rolls are adhesive side in.
  • 1” core.
  • Clear gloss.
  • Applications: Digital prints from Xerox (Docutech and Docucolor), Nexpress, Xeikon, and similar printers.
  • Other names include Super Stick and DryLam SAP.
  • 27" x 200'
  • Rolls are adhesive side in
  • 1” Core
  • Clear gloss


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