Horizon BQ-160 PUR Perfect Binder

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The Standard Horizon BQ-160 PUR Single-clamp Perfect Binder satisfies the fast-growing demand for short-run digital photo books and prepared book blocks for case binding. The PUR adhesive system uses lower temperatures than conventional adhesives, giving a strong bind without the high temperatures that may damage sensitive materials.

The PUR adhesive also produces a much lower level of fumes, so it can be used in areas where the glue odor might be objectionable. There is also an optional fume extractor with a carbon filter to further reduce odors. 

The binder is also capable of padding and tape binding.  The BQ-160 PUR can handle light to moderate production needs in almost any environment.

  • Performs perfect binding (with or without notching) and report binding
  • Graphical touchscreen sets binding mode
  • Vacuum system removes paper dust to keep the work area clean
  • Nipper table automatically adjusts to the size of the book being bound
  • Two-pass notching system for added binding strength
  • Binds documents from 2.8"(W) x 5.1"(L) to 11.8"(W) x 13.7"(L)
  • Book Bind Thickness from 0.04" up to 1.6"
  • Produces up to 180 books per hour / padding up to 120 cycles per hour (Production speed depends on the thickness of the book and the operator)


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