PF-P3200 Paper Folder

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A fast, fully automated paper folder. Performs up to 250 folds per minute.

  • Simple and quick pushbutton setup and operation.
  • Designed for quiet operation.
  • Five folding rollers for reliable sheet transportation and consistent folding quality.
  • Two fold plates create half folds, letter folds, Z-folds, double-parallel folds, gate folds, and engineering folds in a single pass.
  • Up to 8 jobs can be memorized for instant recall.
  • Six preset fold patterns and four standard paper sizes are preset.
  • Additional special sheet sizes and fold patterns can be set using the ten keys in the extension panel.
  • Folds up to 240 sheets/min (8.5" x 11" paper).
  • Folds paper from 2.56" x 3.55" to 12.24" x 17".
  • Compact size
  • Feed hopper holds up to 500 sheets of paper.
  • Cleaning or replacement of the folding rollers is quick and easy to perform, without any special tools.
  • Digital counter.
  • One year warranty.
  • Optional cross fold guide allows cross-folding.

Setup: Auto
Minimum Paper Size: 2.56" x 3.55"
Maximum Paper Size: 12.24" x 17"
Minimum Paper Weight: 53 gsm
Maximum Paper Weight: 157 gsm
Folding Speed: 240 Sheets per Minute
Fold Types: engineering
Fold Types: gate
Fold Types: half
Fold Types: trifold
Fold Types: accordion
Fold Types: double
Paper Input Capacity: 550 Sheets of 20#
Paper Feed: Friction
Fold Sets: No
Page Counter: Yes
Power: 120V, 60 Hz, 100 W
Size: 39.4" x 20.4" x 24.6"
Shipping Weight: 88 Pounds


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