3/4" Standard Steel Screw Posts (10 Sets)

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These 3/4 inch steel screw posts are the same size as our industry-standard aluminum screwposts. You can use these any place you would use an aluminum screwpost but want the extra strength of steel.

These screwposts feature a low-profile, flattened head on both the screw and the post. They have a nice clean look when used for binding photo albums, scrapbooks, samples, leather products, store and trade show displays, and more.

No expensive binding machines to buy — just punch or drill a hole and you can get started. The size given in the table is the thickness of your document (or other material) that the post will handle.

If you are using screw posts on very heavy materials, such as carpet samples, we recommend you use our Round Head Heavy Duty Steel screw posts. These posts can not be used with our perma-lock screws because the screws are longer than these short posts.

Technical Details

  • The post diameter is 0.203" inch. They fit in a 7/32 or 1/4 inch hole.
  • The screw and post heads are 0.415 inch diameter.
  • Screw threads are #8-32 (The industry standard size for screw posts.)
  • Screw heads are slotted so you can use a screwdriver or coin to loosen them.
  • Post heads are plain (unslotted).
  • 3/8 inch long screws are supplied to fit the posts.
  • There are 10 posts and 10 screws per package.


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