SteelTraK 65" Utility Cutter

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Developed specifically for the tougher and thicker rigid and semi-rigid substrates used in today’s sign making market, the heavy-duty SteelTraK handles over-sized materials with ease. With a cut length option of 65”, it is the longest, most accurate, and easiest-to-use manual vertical cutter available.

State-of-the-Art Counterbalance
The spine of the SteelTraK is fitted with a counterbalance that allows users to put the head in any position without it dropping to the bottom of the machine. The cumbersome process involved with other vertical cutters – lifting the head, applying the brake, and screwing it in place while simultaneously loading the material – is eliminated. The counterbalance eliminates the load from the cutting head, and because operators are not lifting the full weight of the head, they can concentrate solely on cutting the material. The end result: time savings and productivity gains.

Heavy-Duty Design
A robust frame includes extruded aluminum back beams that support sheets of all sizes and prevent off cuts (including flexible materials) from falling through the frame. The one-piece squaring arm makes calibrating the SteelTraK easy to achieve accurate cuts.

  • The twin-wheel cutting head cuts up to 3mm thick aluminum composite and MDF board.
  • The utility blade head cuts up to ½” (13mm) thick foam board, gatorboard, honeycomb board, corrugated plastics, and PVC foam board.
  • The scoring blade scores up to ¼” (6mm) thick acrylic/Plexiglas.
  • Turn & Lock ready tools.
  • Utility blade & scoring blade cut on the same line.
  • Twin-wheel cutting system.
  • Slice through aluminum composite material without noise or dust in one pass.
  • Full length extra-grip clamping system.
  • Clear sight-line strip accurately indicates the cut line.
  • Telescopic legs adjust for optimal height.
  • Two Flip Stops make cutting to size easy.
  • Maximum cut size: 63″
  • Includes wall mounting bracket. Optional free standing kit available.
  • Operators can quickly access all 3 cutting tools as they are attached to the cutting head.
  • Includes Box of 100 Medium Duty Blades.
  • All blades cut on the same line. No wasted panels- no mistakes guessing where the cut line is.
  • Fitted counterbalance saves time and operator fatigue- placing the cutting head in any position without it dropping to the bottom.
  • Wall Mount Kit included.
  • Optional Free Standing Kit available.
  • 5 year general warranty.
  • 20 year warranty on bearings.


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