1/8" Aluminum Screw Posts

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1/8 inch Aluminum Screw Posts (100 Sets)

These 1/8" Aluminum Screw Posts come in packs of 100 sets. One set is one Screw and one Post.

https://adss.net/images/1_8_alum_post_hole_sm.jpgThe 1/8" Post has a hole so the screw can be threaded.

Our 1/8" Aluminum Screw Posts are the smallest size made. They are designed for binding a very few sheets of paper together. Of course there are also many arts and crafts uses of these handy binding posts. You can use them to connect just about anything that you can punch or drill a hole through. Just push the post through the hole, thread the screw into the post and finger tighten. Your materials are now securely fastened!

Aluminum Screw Posts can be easily removed to make changes or add more pages. Usually finger pressure is enough to unscrew them, but if the screw is extra tight a screwdriver or a small coin in the slot will nudge it loose.These short posts are threaded all the way through for extra strength. Screws and posts are sold together to assure that you have the proper length screws to fit your posts.


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